About Me


K HeadshotI’ve always loved stories. Mom says that even before I could read, I spent my time flipping through the pictures. I wrote my first play – a horror about a bunch of rats invading a slumber party –  when I was seven years old. Oddly enough, filmmaking didn’t cross my mind until college, when I met other students who were intent on making movies. Even so, I kept thinking “not now, maybe later” and instead of pursuing storytelling, I completed a  B.S. in Mathematics, summa cum laude, at Indiana University. Despite graduating in early, in three years instead of four, I still managed to fit in a lot of film and art classes along the way.

Several years ago, I decided to start writing again. I had some success in 2011, when my story “Second Chances” won the Society of Actuaries Speculative Fiction Contest. Life got in the way of continuing that trend, and it isn’t until recently that I’ve been able to get my creative side back on track. With several stories published through Silver Empire and a web series in pre-production, I’ve got plenty of projects to focus on now! When things calm down a bit, I’d like to delve into finishing a novel (or two, or three).

When I’m not writing, making films, or at my day job, you can usually find me at home in Seattle, WA, where I live with three cats, a viola, and a piano. The cats get most of the attention.

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